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For the past few years I have been masquerading as a playwright. 

Let me explain. Heather Brophy from the Valleyview Little Animal Farm

in Richmond, Ontario heard I was a writer and asked me to write  some new plays for their puppet shows. Since I'm a writer of full length fiction novels, my first instinct was to refuse. However, I'm always open to jumping outside of my comfortable little box, so I accepted.

I wrote two plays a few years ago which seemed to be received well by their preschool and young school age viewers so Heather asked me for more. I obliged and finished my third one this past spring.

I recently went to view it and was pleasantly surprised  by youngsters dancing to the "rap" and mothers taking pictures of the puppets on stage. I was so thrilled, I am already planning the story line for my next play. 

The one that just started its run is called The Dragon Who Couldn't. ​ As the title implies he couldn't do anything dragons are supposed to do but somehow found himself plunked in the middle of a farmyard.

He certainly knew how to get lost.

The animals have not seen a dragon before and are eager to hear his story. Can the cows, pigs and alpacas help him?  Will he ever get home again? Why not bring your little ones, your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or a neighbour's child and find out? 

The place is 

The Valleyview Little Animal Farm.

Blind River Launch - May 4, 2015

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